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How to place an online order with Dajana Vasic?

As a first time buyer with Dajana Vasic, we suggest you follow the instructions detailing the correct procedures to place an online purchase using the following link here.

I have placed an order on Saturday, when will my shipment be delivered?

In the case of orders being placed during the weekend ( Saturday or Sunday ) orduring the holidays, delivery will be picked up by the courier on the first following working day. This shipment can be expected on Tuesday, as long as the delivery address is within Belgrade or any larger city within the territory of Serbia

How can I pay for my online purchase?

Payments for online purchases are available in two ways: -Payment upon delivery, exclusively in cash -Card payments

Are card payments secure?

Online payments are carried out via Bank certified servers. Raiffeisen Bank will perform a secure verification and process all due payments (Raiffeisen link). During the payment process, once you have chosen a bank card as yourpreferred payment method, and before entering your card details, you will be redirected to the bank's server. The complete transaction is performed through the bank's servers via a certified HTTPS connection, verifiable through the lock symbol that appears in the browser's address bar. This method of processing is extremely secure. Please note the the connection to the bank via a secure connection guarantees just that- the connection will not be intercepted. This does not however protect you from any eventual problems which can occur on your electronic device, such as viruses, trojan horses, key loggers and other malicious programs. Both Raiffeisen Bank and the Dajana Vasic brand can not influence or be held responsible for any problems that arise from improper maintenance of both the sites users and customers electronic devices. The Dajana Vasic online brand only receives notification from Raiffeisen Bank on whether the transaction has been successful or not, and based on this information, will confirm the transaction as successful or present any problems that have occurred.

I was contacted by someone presenting themselves as an employee of DV and was asked to provide my password, bank details and other similar data

Employees from Dajana Vasic will NEVER contact you to request such information. We strongly advise you to not provide any of your information to any 3rd parties, regardless of who they claim to be. All information provided by yourself upon registration will be securely stored by us, for your ownconvenience, in order to provide an easier shopping experience, ( for example, not having to always input your address or contact details when using our site, as well as providing us with a way for us to contact you should any problems arise. In order for us to communicate with you, we will never need your password details or any information regarding your bank details. If you are ever contacted to provide this information, you can be certain that this will never be requested by anyone from the Dajana Vasic brand.

Upon receipt of my delivery, I have noticed that the package has been damaged. What do I do?

In the case of receiving a package which has been damaged ( visible damage to the package or bag or damage to the tape surrounding the packaging), we advise you to not accept such delivery. All orders which are sent from our warehouse are always correctly packaged and checked upon being handed over for delivery. In instances where the package is returned to us due to not being accepted by the receiver, we will be informed by our courier partners. We advise you to contact us on the following number: +381 62 325 262

Can you deliver goods outside the borders of Serbia?

In partnership with our courier services, we offer the delivery of goods to over 210 countries worldwide.

In what sizes are items are available?

All items will have the available sizes displayed on our site. In case of the right size not being available, you can request for the item to be made and the priceindicated will stay the same. Once we have started to make the requested item, you will be informed via e-mail.

How can I be certain which size suits me?

To be sure that a certain size is correct, you can use the size chart allocated under the available size options. This table provides the correct measurements in both centimeters and inches.

Are the prices the same on the website and atelier?

Prices on both our website and in our atelier are the same except in cases where there is a discount available online but not in our atelier, and vice versa.

How do I report a problem with your site or an error whilst using your online shop?

We strive to provide a correct and fully updated site for all of our customers touse. In the case of there being any problems during your visit to our site, please do let us know using the following e-mail-, and we will try to correct the problem as soon as possible.


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